Since 1957, Hye Quality Bakery has been regarded as bakers of America’s finest authentic Armenian Cracker Bread. Our popular cracker bread is still made the traditional way using the finest all-natural ingredients from a time-tested family recipe. The dough is unaltered with dough conditioners, additives, gums or preservatives. All Hye Quality Cracker Breads are low in sodium and certified Kosher Dairy.

The bakery’s name is a double entendre… Hye means “Armenian.” From our inception our purpose was to produce the highest quality Armenian cracker breads available. The name Hye Quality Bakery made perfect sense.

Hye Quality Bakery developed America’s first soft cracker bread in 1980. These Hye Rollers are shipped across the country daily, and are perfect for all your appetizer recipes that require a quality soft flatbread. Our Hye Rollers have been a favorite of chefs throughout the country since we introduced them over thirty years ago. Chefs insist on our baked to order freshness available in several flavors to complement, not dominate your creations and delicious rollup sandwiches. Customers from all over the U.S. are using our online store to purchase our tasty Armenian cracker bread products!

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