Authentic Armenian Cracker Breads

Hye Quality Cracker Bread


Parag-hatz (thin bread)

Our traditional Armenian Cracker Bread (Parag-Hatz) baked with the finest ingredients using our family recipe.

Nothing compares to the thin, lite, crispy texture of Hye Quality Cracker Bread. It has an endless variety of uses. Its smooth unsurpassed flavor compliments any food and its crispy texture makes cracker bread alone a satisfying snack. Break a round of Parag-Hatz into small pieces and serve it with dips in place of chips or conventional crackers. Top bite size morsels with your favorite hors d’oeuvre spread. Serve cracker bread with soups, salads, or entrees. Hye Quality Cracker Bread served with cheese and fruit is a natural. Served with your favorite wine, it will tantalize a gourmets palate.

One bite of our cracker bread will tell you why so many families share the tradition.

*To soften our cracker bread, pass a portion or round of cracker bread under a slow running faucet, completely wetting both sides, or sprinkle liberally by hand and allow water to drain off bread. Wrap the damp bread in a tea towel or paper towels and let sit ten to fifteen minutes to absorb the moisture. The result is a soft velvety texture perfect for spreads or folded sandwiches.

Includes 3 bags.

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