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Hye Roller Soft Cracker Bread [retail]


Hye Quality Bakery created America’s first soft cracker bread. The Hye Roller is a soft pliable, sixteen inch round sheet of bread specifically developed so you can easily make rolled and wrapped sandwiches. It does not have to be pre-moistened and will hold ingredients without turning soggy, splitting apart, or cracking. Sandwiches can be held 48 to 72 hours depending upon ingredients.

We prepare the Hye Roller from natural ingredients using unbleached flour, pure vegetable oils and no preservatives, artificial flavorings, or additives.

Includes 3 bags (Each bag contains 3 rounds).

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 17 × 4 in

3 packs (9 pcs), 5 packs (15 pcs), 9 packs (27 pcs), 12 packs (36 pcs)


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