Our Delicious Hye Delites Are Popular With Many Local and National Wineries

As wine tasting has become an event for many to enjoy, the need to offer a customer a neutral, good tasting, cracker upon their arrival in your tasting room has increased. So our crackers and cracker bread have now become the sole choice of many wineries as the palate cleanser.

For those wineries offering winemaker dinners, our crackers are often served before dinner instead of bread so guests can fully enjoy the flavor of the wine uninterrupted by the flavor of the bread.

And appetizer delicacies look beautiful on a tray when they are served with our gourmet crackers.

As you create gift baskets for your discerning customers you will want to include a package of our crackers. Be sure to order a variety of our products so that your customers will return for the great combination of cracker and wine that can only be enjoyed when you choose Hye Quality.

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Wineries love our cracker bread products, and so do their customers. Interested in using our products at a wine tasting event? Contact us today for samples!

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